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Killybegs Stevedoring

Killybegs Stevedoring was established in 1988 as the sole provider of stevedoring and cargo handling services to the fishing, shipping, oil & gas, and renewable energy industries engaged in the movement of cargo through the Port of Killybegs.

Located within the excellent infrastructure of the Killybegs Harbour Centre, our experienced management and dedicated permanent staff of highly skilled and fully trained stevedores have established a reputation for the efficient and damage free handling of a diversity of cargoes, such as refrigerated fish, bulk and break-bulk, project and general cargoes.

As we continue to grow flexibility, innovation, safety and proactive solutions remain the cornerstones to our providing a comprehensive and seamless cargo handling service to all.

Our promise to you is that we will professionally handle your cargo in the most efficient, productive and safest manner possible whilst ensuring a tailor made service solution to each clients satisfaction at a competitive cost.